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Social posts to accompany the film for the launch of Wattbike in the US. The idea behind this was to use reverse psychology messaging to encourage people to buy the product. Saying 'This bike is not for you' brings out the competitive side of the audience and make them prove the advertising wrong. The initial posts were copy lead, but as the launch date got closer, more images of the product were revealed. These were accompanied with the message 'Only for the Obsessed' written small. This encourages the behaviour of obsession by wanting to zoom into the images to find out more.

Client: Wattbike

Agency: MATTA

Typography: Work
Wattbike_FB Carousel 2_Frame 2.3 Eurosti
Wattbike_FB Carousel 2_Frame 2.3 Eurosti
Wattbike_Insta Carousel 2_Frame 4.jpg
Wattbike_FB Carousel 3b_Frame 2 Eurostil
Wattbike_Insta Carousel 2_Frame 6.jpg
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